Effective immediately due to NC Vital Records' implementation of the N.C. Database Application for Vital Events (NCDAVE), the Randolph County Register of Deeds is unable to initiate vital record amendments of any kind at this time. Based on information provided by NC Vital Records, amendments will not be processed during their data migration. It is anticipated that amendment processing will resume on April 1, 2022. With the guidance and schedule updates provided by NC Vital Records, the Randolph County Register of Deeds will continue to post current information for the public.

You may contact NC Vital Records at 919-733-3000 if you have any questions or concerns related to their implementation of the NCDAVE System or any outstanding, unprocessed amendments.

During this time, we will be issuing certificates of birth for those born ONLY in Randolph County.

The Randolph County Register of Deeds maintains birth, death and marriage records for people who were born, whose death occurred, or whose marriage license is filed in Randolph County.

Who may obtain a certified copy of a birth, death, or marriage certificate?

Certified copies will be issued to:

*Valid government-issued identification is required from all who request a certified vital record. Uncertified copies of all vital records are open to public inspection.
*A matricular consular or other similar document, other than a valid passport issued by a consulate or embassy of another country, is not acceptable for use in determining a person's actual identity or residency.   N.C. Session Law 2015-294

Birth Records of Adopted Persons
Birth Certificates of individuals who were adopted are not available at our office and are only on file at the NC State Office of Vital Records. Contact NC Vital Records for assistance with adoption records at (919)733-3526.

How do I obtain a certified copy of a vital record by mail?
Randolph County Register of Deeds
P. O. Box 4458
158 Worth St.
Asheboro, NC 27204

For information on obtaining a certified copy of a vital record from the NC Dept. of Health and Human Services Division of Public Health - Vital Records Unit, Please visit their website at: http://vitalrecords.nc.gov/vitalrecords/

Out of county North Carolina birth records (1971-current) can also be obtained in the Register of Deeds office through North Carolina Vital Records for a fee of $24 (NO PERSONAL CHECKS).

The General Assembly of 1913 enacted legislation requiring the registration of all births and deaths occurring in North Carolina.  This legislation became effective October 1,1913.