The On-line Restrictive Covenants Index is not an official index. It is for the convenience of locating restrictions by subdivision name for recordings prior to the computerized indexes. For a complete listing of all restrictions, a search must be performed in the official indexes. All restrictions from the year 1986 to present will be on the computerized index.

  A & C Enterprises Inc1113916
  A E Lawrence Property (Release)1069947
  Aldridge Farms1195421
  Aldridge Farms (Amended)1201708
  Allendale Heights1183732
  Allred, D M78577
  Amity Hills Subdivision1052351
  Amity Hills Sec 51413182
  Amity Hills (Amended)1425273
  Archdale Industrial Park1143998
  Archdale Industrial Park Phase 21177300
  Ashbrook Woods1024104
  Asheboro Retail Assoc Ltd Ptnrp13871864
  Asheboro Retail Center13871864
  Asheton Woods12161173
  Asheton Woods12172015
  Ashland Street & Hwy 3111458965
  Auman, Howard F1090813
  Austin Welborn Subdivision11791315
  B & A Southgate Estate1062300
  B Keith Morgan Townhouses1324801
  Back Creek Hills Subdivision1251653
  Back Street Court13221389
  Banner Whitehead Road1356482
  Barbara S Coltrane Subdivision14421494
  Barber Estate Subdivision1011168
  Barber Estate Subdivision (Lots 1-18)102313
  Barber Estate Subdivision1023209
  Beard Acres1076298
  Beard Acres1089398
  Beaver Dam13281360
  Beech Tree11851651
  Berry Wood Subdivision1325417
  Black Stallion Ranchettes1104782
  Black Stallion Ranchettes1105719
  Bobby G Earnhardt, Jr Subdivision13121633
  Boling, J K, W B & Roy665155
  Bonita Woods Sec 21111914
  Boone, Alvie1128677
  Bouldin Heights90377
  Bouldin Subdivision79959
  Bouldin, Gaston M9997
  Bouldin, Joseph W Property896333
  Bouldin, Myron L Property #2919535
  Bouldin, Paul G Subdivision (Release)1099444
  Bowland, Jonithan D & wife Brenda B1360491
  Boyd Realty & Builders Inc1080622
  Boyd Realty & Builders Inc (Amended)1081628
  Boyd, Frye, Hill Property12451968
  Brantley Woods Subdivision13581614
  Brentwood Park Subdivision722347
  Briaroak Subdivision14551088
  Briarwood Map 11085221
  Briles, Ernest Sheridan Estate14071499
  Bristol Ridge1005390
  Bristol Ridge Subdivision1013162
  British Woods Estate903153
  Brittany Forest Subdivision1305285
  Brokaw Estate1104 379
  Brokaw Estate12241191
  Brookfield Acres Inc1058646
  Brookhaven Subdivision690169
  Brookwood Acres885523
  Brookwood Heights614375
  Brown Stone Subdivision1417379
  Brown Stone Subdivision14321614
  Buffalo Ford1463500
  Burgess, Phillip Property11901592
  Burgess, Phillip R & Debra11901592
  Burrow, Willie M & Faye Y107837
  Bush Creek1197119
  Byrd Acres1438575
  Byrd, Fred R & Donna12031676
  C R Evans Subdivision13621589
  C R Evans Subdivision1423947
  Cable Creek Hills Subdivision Sec (1 & 2)121423
  Cable Creek Hills Subdivision Sec (1 & 2)12331404
  Cable Creek Hills Subdivision14371145
  Cable Creek Hills Subdivision Sec 31438767
  Calclar Acres858429
  Camelot Hills972474
  Camelot Hills Subdivision13821004
  Candlewood Estates Sec 21279793
  Cannon Heights919285
  Canterbury Forest Sec 2972535
  Canterbury Forest Sec 3999386
  Canterbury Trails Sec 1 1051427
  Canterbury Trails Sec 2105516
  Canterbury Trails Sec 213131051
  Canterbury Trails Sec 31061155
  Canterbury Trails Sec 41069155
  Canterbury Trails Sec 51082177
  Canterbury Trails Sec 61145457
  Canterbury Trails Sec 71151971
  Canterbury Trails Sec 811841531
  Caraway Estate Sec 111641592
  Caraway Hills Maps 1,2,390396
  Caraway Woods1361628
  Carolina Acres13421165
  Carolina Hills784461
  Carolina Hills1279335
  Carriage Crossing13781463
  Carrington Hills Sec 11231626
  Carrington Hills Sec 213271658
  Carrington Hills Sec 31356139
  Cedar Creek Subdivision1115521
  Cedar Creek Subdivision - Amendment1120777
  Cedar Fork Creek1121804
  Cedar Grove Woods12121660
  Cedar Grove Woods (Waiver)12531706
  Cedar Grove Woods (Amendment)14271783
  Cedar Grove Woods Sec III 13021868
  Cedar Grove Woods Sec III (Amendment)13171181
  Cedar Lane Subdivision1079783
  Cedar Square Acres811279
  Cedar View Development978269
  Cedarwood Subdivision979524
  Central Piedmont Industrial Corp1244790
  Century Development Corp931 213
  CER Development Co13561739
  Chapel Heights Subdivision682564
  Chauncey, Carl W & Jane1174472
  Christine Welborn & Randal Thomas1174314
  Clearwood Heights1114537
  Coble, Earl Property1098320
  Coleman & McDowell Property1112357
  Coleman, Mary & Ellison, Edith Property96191
  Collier Court1312517
  Colonial Country Club Estates #1920536
  Colonial Country Club Estates #2920531
  Colonial Country Club Estates #3989458
  Colonial Country Club (Release)1022136
  Colonial Country Club (Waiver)1236305
  Colonial Estates Sec B978106
  Colonial Heights852591
  Colonial Heights (Waiver) 1119361
  Coltrane, Barbara S Subdivision 14421494
  Corina Circle #2921 183
  Country Acres (Maps 1 & 2)1228414
  Country Acres Estates12531758
  Country Club Acres933391
  Country Club Acres1063276
  Country Cove Inc Sec 11239442
  Country Cove Inc Sec 512441556
  Country Cove Sec 41413424
  Country Creek Subdivision1186894
  Country Creek Subdivision1214815
  Country Lane Estates1069733
  Country Meadows Sec 112511887
  Country Meadows Sec 212511890
  Country Place1117457
  Country Place1154586
  Country Place (Modification of Restrictions)12011276
  Country Side Acres (Amended)12342004
  Courtland Park Phase II1461663
  Courtland Park Subdivision1354888
  Cox, Nolan Worth & wife Pauline B (Waiver)1382911
  Cox, Ricky Nolan & wife Joan B (Waiver)1382911
  Coxborough Professional12051896
  Coxborough Professional1237937
  Coxemoor Subdivision125826
  Coxemoor Subdivision (Waiver)1271647
  Craig Heights1088869
  Craig Heights1100766
  Craven Lumber Co1331578
  Craven Pines Phase 1, 2, 31342471
  Craven Pines Phases 1,2,3 (Amended)1343832
  Craven Pines Phase 413521016
  Craven, Kearns, McDowell13172137
  Creek Ridge Subdivision Sections 1 & 21069619
  Creek Ridge Subdivision Section 310741
  Creekridge Subdivision11921603
  Creekside Park1279423
  Creekside Village1148698
  Creekside Village Phase I (Amended)1151585
  Creekside Village Phase I (Amended)11701115
  Creekside Village Phase I (Amended)1233982
  Creekside Village Phase I (Amended)12371076
  Crescent of Greystone920423
  Crescent of Greystone (Modified)921363
  Crescent of West Cedar Grove874569
  Crestview Manor1358370
  Crestview Manor Map 1 Sec 21396581
  Crestview Manor Sec 31445472
  Crestwood Estate989357
  Crooked Creek Subdivision Sec 114281168
  Cross Ridge Subdivision144958
  Crutchfield Subdivision121312
  Daniel Kei Estates13741063
  Davis, Frank M Property723189
  Dayspring Subdivision #111641141
  Dayspring Subdivision #211931348
  Dayspring Subdivision #312251225
  Dayspring Subdivision Sec 3 (Cancellation & Release)1248413
  Dayspring Subdivision Sec 41257171
  Dayspring Subdivision Sec 4 (Amended)13401330
  Deer Run Estates Sec 1 & 21232908
  Deerfield South Sec 111941731
  Deerfield South Sec 21222541
  Deerfield South (Sec 3,4,5)13921011
  Dixieland Acres (Plantation Circle)662376
  Dixieland Acres Maps 8 & 9768139
  Dogwood Acres290578
  Dogwood Acres Map 4 (Redivision)13581653
  Dove Meadows11642053
  Dover Hills Subdivision903563
  E C Watkins Jr Property1049841
  Earnhardt Property12422091
  Earnhardt, Bobby G Jr Subdivision13121633
  Earnhardt, Lawrence Subdivision1126161
  Earnhardt, Lawrence Subdivision # 313521383
  East Asheboro Neighborhood Development1079830
  East Brook Woods1024152
  East Side Homes14461754
  Eden Forest855634
  Eden Forest Map 1 & 2 (Waiver)11991101
  Eden Forest Map 1 & 2 (Waiver)11991110
  Edgewood (Release)661601
  Elder, J M (Mrs)1079406
  Eli J Kemp Estate72199
  Eli Kemp Estate (Withdrawal)1117776
  Eli Kemp Subdivision1120844
  Ellen F Howell Property1353579
  Ellison, Edith & Coleman, Mary96191
  Emanon Assoc Inc (Waiver)13251715
  Englewood Forest800563
  English Court Condominiums Phase 114301310
  Evans, C R Subdivision13621589
  Evans, C R Subdivision1423947
  Evergreen Acres1115136
  Evergreen Acres Sec 21142538
  Evergreen Acres Sec 31206395
  F O Yates Subdivision112676
  Farlow Park Sec 112031738
  Farlow Park Sec 1 (Release)1206455
  Farlow Park Sec 4 & 51214920
  Farlow Park Sec 6 Map (1/5)1223508
  Farlow Park Subdivision Sec 1 (Amendment)674539
  Farlow, Walter Subdivision Sec 11089516
  Farmer West Sec 1 & 21212106
  Farmstead Acres13891474
  Ferguson, Jesse C & wife Gwyn P, et al1081555
  Ferguson, Jesse C & wife Gwyn P, et al1085423
  Fieldcrest Subdivision1263575
  Fieldcrest Subdivision Sec 213151188
  Finch Village I12051595
  First Randolph Development Co Inc12091206
  First Randolph Development Co Inc1429753
  Flinchum, W L Heirs1250908
  Flinchum, W L Heirs (Amended)12501553
  Flinchum, W L Heirs12552014
  Fogleman Acres1053638
  Fogleman Acres Map 3 & 413141500
  Fogleman Lane13651372
  Fogleman, T H & Bonnie J et al13561832
  Fogleman, T H & Bonnie J et al1392618
  Forest Haven Estates1011639
  Forest Hills South Sec 11196371
  Forest Hills South Sec 21204369
  Forest Hills South Sec 312071326
  Forest Manor Subdivision1076811
  Forest Manor Subdivision (Waiver)1234521
  Forest Oaks Subdivision1060856
  Forest Park Sec 4 Map 11105369
  Forestdale South1094899
  Forestdale South Sec 2120231
  Fox Creek Subdivision12221037
  Fox Creek Subdivision (Amendment)1344249
  Fox Haven1215803
  Fox Run110495
  Fox Run1261655
  Fox Trail Sec 1 & 21071980
  Franklin Hills Subdivision1406527
  Frazier, J R Property Amendment1048979
  Frazier, J R Property Amendment11761285
  Freedom Park832541
  Freedom Park13481518
  Friendly Woods1234760
  G E & Anna C Moore Heirs Subdivision13191692
  Gaddy Place Phase I1377375
  Gaddy Place Phase 2 Sec 11411631
  Gaddy Place Phase 31435530
  Gaddy Place Phase 3 Sec 11436210
  Gaston M Bouldin Subdivision9997
  George & Bernice Poole Estate13231239
  George & Hazel Johnston13241100
  George F & Sherrill W Shaw Property1103819
  Giant Oaks1103426
  Gold Hill Estates11961172
  Golden Acres1051656
  Goldmine Acres Mobile Home Development1005427
  Goldmine Acres Mobile Home Development (Release)1049593
  Grandview River Estates Sec 1981588
  Green Acres1078922
  Greenbrair Heights639151
  Greenhaven Hills896577
  Greenwood Acres Subdivision978273
  Greenwood Forest1083416
  Greenwood Subdivision926245
  H T Rogers Property1066194
  Hall, Michael Wayne Property1377422
  Hammond Place - Martin Kearns11941250
  Hampton Heights1136209
  Hampton Woods Townhouses1319599
  Harris, Gena L & C Reitzel Smith1025279
  Hayfield Acres144918
  Haywood Acres Subdivision Lots 1-51345221
  Haywood Acres Subdivision Lots 6-1313811528
  Heritage Hills1088724
  Heritage West Sec 11058380
  Heritage West Sec 1 (Waiver)1280422
  Herschel Needham Hockett & wife Marie L Hockett Property11701577
  Hickory Ridge Map 214391412
  Hidden Forest Sec 1 & 2876303
  Hidden Forest Sec 1 & 2876415
  Hidden Valley1062806
  High Meadows12291553
  High Meadows (Amendment)1262333
  High Meadows (Amendment)1262335
  Highway 311 & Ashland Street1458965
  Hillandale Sec 1 & 2743291
  Hilldale Park Subdivision759509
  Hockett, Herschel Needham & wife Marie L Property11701577
  Hollow Hills Subdivision (Lots 2-9)1408736
  Hollow Hill Subdivision (Waiver)14301278
  Hollow Hill Subdivision (Amendment)1431523
  Holly Grove Subdivision144961
  Holt Rooks Equipment & Truck Co Property1071387
  Homewood Acres Sec 11152389
  Homewood Acres Sec 1 (Extend & Modify)1401144
  Homewood Acres Sec 21155751
  Homewood Acres Sec 311612093
  Homewood Acres Sec 41170666
  Homewood Acres Sec 511981551
  Hoover Hill Acres Subdivision Sec 111841223
  Hoover Hill Acres Subdivision Sec 211901273
  Hopewell Acres961531
  Hopewell Acres (Revised)1174257
  Howell, Ellen F Property1353579
  Hunt, Lee Roy & wife Daphene et al1064162
  Hunters Cove Subdivision Map 1-6 1336344
  Hunters Cove Subdivision Map 1-6 (Amendment)1340625
  Hunters Forest Map 213641473
  Hunters Ridge South Map 2141957
  Hunters Ridge Subdivision1227862
  Hunters Trace (Phase 1)13711720
  Hunters Trace (Phase 2)139165
  Hunters Woods1249552
  Huntington Ridge Phase 11427469
  Huntington Ridge Phase 21458726
  Huntington Ridge Phase 31458728
  Huntington Ridge South Map 1 & 2141957
  I K Purvis & Ralph Smith Property662331
  Indian Creek Subdivision1154827
  Indian Creek Subdivision Sec 21173502
  Indian Creek Subdivision Sec 51337891
  Indian Wells Sec 211651617
  Interstate Business Park1284526
  Island Oak Subdivision12441748
  Island Oak Subdivision1246942
  J H McDowell Estate927266
  J H McDowell Estate (Release)12061276
  J Land Estates Subdivision12481480
  J Land Estates Subdivision Sec 21271948
  J Land Estates Subdivision Sec 2 Map 213631901
  J M Lambeth Heirs Land1081323
  J R Frazier Property (Amendment)1048979
  J R Frazier Property (Amendment)11761285
  Jackson Creek Hills1331481
  Jackson Creek Hills1337204
  Jackson Creek Hills Map 213381179
  Janet Hills (Lots 1, 3, 4, 5)1441963
  Jesses Farm Subdivision1449617
  John M Ward Property903279
  John S Wood Property1060565
  John W Ward Jr Property9611
  Johnston Downs Subdivision1413886
  Johnston, George & Hazel13241100
  Jordan Subdivision1412740
  Joseph & Mary Parrish1200658
  Kearns & McDowell1299168
  Kearns, Martin - Hammond Place11941250
  Kei, Daniel Estates13741063
  Keith Morgan Townhouses1324801
  Kemp Mill Acres1360491
  Kemp, Eli Estate (Withdrawal)1117776
  Kemp, Eli J Estate72199
  Kemp, Eli Subdivision1120844
  Ken Lee Subdivision1188571
  Ken Lee Subdivision1189489
  Ken Lee Subdivision11902042
  Ken Lee Subdivision (Amendment)12142006
  Ken Lee Subdivision Sec 31247671
  Kenan & Patseavouras Land1063303
  Kenneth Wayne & Gary Steven Murphy13161850
  Keyauwee Forest1237143
  Keyauwee Forest12471949
  Keyauwee Forest Sec 21249924
  Keyauwee Trace13721083
  KGW Enterprises13161850
  Kidd Mill Estates12541532
  Kidd Mill Estates1277424
  King, Carlos M & Betty E10645
  Kingsfield Forest Phase I1370802
  Kingsfield Sec 21403531
  Kingsfield Subdivision Phase 31435361
  Kinview #2 (Waiver)13691647
  Kinview Subdivision972101
  Kivett Lakes Sec 1/311781649
  Kivett Lakes Sec 41183401
  Kivett Lakes Sec 511861535
  Kivett Lakes Sec 611911106
  Kivett Lakes Sec 711951273
  Knollwood Acres662110
  Kynwood Village Sec 11055986
  Kynwood Village Sec 31063126
  Kynwood Village Sec 41077338
  Kynwood Village Sec 51082388
  Kynwood Village Sec 61091913
  Kynwood Village Sec 71105616
  Kynwood Village Sec 811601630
  Kynwood Village Sec 91225341
  Kynwood Village Sec 101263851
  Kynwood Village Sec 111281777
  Kynwood Village Sec 121333206
  LaDell Estates Sec 11222405
  Lake Country Sec 11144511
  Lake Forest Estates Sec 1102547
  Lake Ridge Farms Sec 1 & 2 Map 1 & Sec 2 Map 21248317
  Lakewood Forest Sec 1 & 21023365
  Lakewood Forest Sec 31052217
  Lakewood Forest Sec 41066948
  Lambeth Heirs Land1081323
  Lancer Acres1057337
  Land, J Estates Subdivision12481480
  Land, J Estates Subdivision Sec 21271948
  Land, J Estates Subdivision Sec 213631901
  Lane, Guy & Bryte Property1229124
  Langley Acres1433394
  Lanier Subdivision12161000
  Laurelwood Club Estate Sec 1114018
  Laurelwood Club Estate Sec 21158297
  Laurelwood Club Estate Sec 311681684
  Laurelwood Club Estate Sec 411971863
  Laurelwood Club Estate Sec 4 Map 31227467
  Laurelwood Club Estates Sec 5 Map 11227471
  Laurelwood Club Estates Sec 5 Part A13141325
  Laurelwood Club Estates Sec 71462494
  Laurelwood Hills Sec 11107592
  Laurelwood Hills Sec 2 & 41127660
  Laurelwood Hills South Sec 1 & 21172890
  Laurelwood Hills South Sec 1 & 2 (Amendment)11731740
  Lawrence Earnhardt Subdivision1126161
  Lawrence Earnhardt Subdivision #313521383
  Lawrence, A E Property (Release)1069947
  Legend Hills665155
  Legend Park665153
  Legend Park Map 2699330
  Leslie B Mullins Property12241306
  Leslie Byrl Mullins (Fox Run)110495
  Liberty Court Condominiums Phase 21375843
  Liberty Court Condominiums Phase 2 (Revised)1379488
  Liberty's Run1274608
  Liberty's Run (Waiver)1321731
  Liberty's Run (Waiver)1348294
  Lindley Acres Subdivision 1263794
  Lindley Acres Subdivision Sec 21272353
  Lindley Acres Subdivision Sec 1 & Sec213041346
  Lion Acres Subdivision146346
  Little River Acres925152
  Little River Estates Sec 211761482
  Little River Estates Sec 31180987
  Little River Estates Sec 411851373
  Lowe's Companies, Inc13871864
  Luck, Robert E Subdivsion14421492
  Machiko Nelson Property Lot 1/513561130
  Maple Ridge Subdivision Sec 112241043
  Market Square Sec 111592069
  Market Square Sec 1 (Amended)11611698
  Market Square Sec 211691662
  Massey Subdivision1026213
  McCotter, Ray E Property1139458
  McDonald Corporation Property14251150
  McDowell Acres841314
  McDowell Acres Sec 2978119
  McDowell Timber Company Property1342257
  McDowell, J H Estate927266
  McDowell, J H Estate (Release)12061276
  McDowell, Tony D Property1328861
  MDI Management Inc Subdivision13971626
  MDI Management Inc Subdivision (First Amendment)14521763
  MDI Management Inc Subdivision (Second Amendment)1463366
  Meadow Acres Subdivision1134907
  Meadow Brook Estates919544
  Meadowbrook Development699235
  Meadowbrook Subdivision679511
  Meadowdale Acres1068333
  Meadows Country Estate1356143
  Meadows Subdivision884553
  Meadowview Acres Subdivision Sec 290143
  Meadowview Acres Subdivision Sec 390144
  Mel-Bil Heights Subdivision1149973
  Mendenhall Hills Sec 1903471
  Michael Wayne Hall Property1377422
  Michfield Acres (Amendment)13271275
  Michfield Woods Subdivision1317879
  Michfield Woods Subdivision13451516
  Midway Acres Subdivision755420
  Midway Acres Subdivision #2 & #31069211
  Mill Creek Subdivision Map 1 & 2 1262134
  Misty Acres1165479
  Monroe Avenue107837
  Montclair Park615439
  Moore, G E & Anna C Heirs Subdivision13191692
  Morgan, B Keith Townhouses1324801
  Moser, Thad T & wife Lois B, et al1081555
  Moser, Thad T & wife Lois B, et al1085423
  Mount Pleasant Estates13361749
  Mount Vernon Acres Sec 1788275
  Mountain View Acres Subdivision1175379
  Mountain View Estates867411
  Mountain View Estates14301023
  Mt Shepherd Acres13611543
  Mullins, Leslie B12241306
  Mullins, Leslie Byrl (Fox Run)110495
  Murphy Acres13161850
  Murphy Acres Subdivision Sec 2 (Waiver)1394914
  Murphy Acres Subdivision Sec 2 (Waiver)139583
  Murphy, Kenneth Wayne & Garry Steven13161850
  Nelson, Machiko Property Lot 1/513561130
  New Fogleman Acres Phase 1 Map 1 & 214541267
  North Hills Subdivision72233
  North Marlboro Country Estates1052392
  North Shores1080622
  North Shores (Amended)1081628
  Northgate Shopping Center1011240
  Northmont Estate Phase 1 (Parts 1A & 1B)1369454
  Northmont Estate Phase 1 (Part 2)13821439
  Northmont Estate Phase 1 (Part 3)1382715
  Northwoods Estates Sec 112351815
  Northwoods Estates Sec 214261468
  Northwoods Subdivision11771151
  Oak Forest11642040
  Oak Forest Estates1063189
  Oak Forest Sec 21178656
  Oak Forest Sec 311801175
  Oak Forest Sec 41201918
  Oak Forest Sec 51252575
  Oak Forest Sec 612451968
  Oak Hollow Subdivision11711560
  Oak Hollow West Sec 11158140
  Oak Hollow West Sec 21171765
  Oak Hollow West Sec 3119418
  Oak Hollow West Sec 41213785
  Oak Hollow West Sec 512471686
  Oak Hollow West Sec 61276493
  Oak Hollow West Sec 6 Map 21402745
  Oak Hollow West Sec 6 Map 314161266
  Oak Valley10645
  Oakwood Acres Subdivision Sec 113101541
  Oakwood Acres Subdivision Sec 1 (Revised)903403
  Old School Estates13611545
  Parker Oaks Map 11413272
  Parkside Subdivision (Amendment)1429753
  Parkwood Subdivision748339
  Parrish, Joseph F & May C1200658
  Patseavouras & Kenan Land1063303
  Paul G. Bouldin903613
  Peace Forrest903613
  Penman Heights Subdivision1156738
  Piedmont Estates1024341
  Piedmont Pines Subdivision1047519
  Piedmont Pines Subdivision (Waiver)1228420
  Pine Grove Forest Estates1000226
  Pine Hill Acres Subdivision1022363
  Pine Ridge Acres13331135
  Pine Valley Sec 113791737
  Pine Valley Sec 213791743
  Pinecroft Village Sec 11185258
  Pinecroft Village Sec 31264296
  Pinecroft Village Sec 41371636
  Pinecroft Village Sec 514271775
  Pinehurst Estates88739
  Pineview Estates849473
  Pineview Estates Sec 11080206
  Pinewood Golf & Development Inc1024357
  Piney Mountain Estates Subdivision91927
  Pisgah Woods1218295
  Poole, George & Bernice Estate13231239
  Poole, George & Bernice Estate (Amendment)13681387
  Poole, Marie Cox Property107564
  Poole, Vernon & Kurney Subdivision702361
  Poplar Hollow Farms11851615
  Poplar Ridge Estates11871721
  Poplar Ridge Estates (Amendment)1386927
  Providence Estates1254361
  Providence Village Subdivision Sec 112181322
  Providence Village Subdivision Sec 212391941
  Pugh Oil Co Inc14251150
  Pugh, T F Estate97245
  Purvis, I K & Ralph Smith Property662331
  Quail Hollow Development1063907
  Quail Ridge Subdivision Map 1 (Tracts 1/9)13531199
  Quail Ridge Subdivision Map 1 (Tracts 1/9) (Amendment)13561739
  Quail Ridge Subdivision Map 213651350
  Quail Ridge Subdivision Map 31368525
  Quail Ridge Subdivision Map 413951313
  Quail Ridge Subdivision Map 51390298
  Quail Ridge Subdivision Map 613951315
  Quail Ridge Subdivision Map 6A, 7A, 10, 11, 12 1314251096
  Quail Ridge Subdivision Map 71399893
  Quail Ridge Subdivision Map 8A1443287
  Quail Ridge Subdivision Map 914251104
  Quail Ridge Subdivision Map 141432670
  Quaker Hills North1351116
  Quarry Drive Division1022209
  Ragan, Amos Estate681191
  Ralph Smith Property & I K Purvis662331
  Ramseur Town of1049841
  Randal Thomas & Christine Jenkins Welborn1174314
  Randleman Development Co1103819
  Randolph Acres921611
  Randolph Acres Sec 2927212
  Randolph Forest9539
  Randolph Hills Estate618132
  Randolph Industrial Park1123408
  Randolph Mall Sec 3 (Lots 6-7)1385596
  Randy Ridge Subdivision1047707
  Ravenwoods Sec 2106155
  Ravenwoods Sec 31061156
  Ray E McCotter Property1139458
  Reagan, Doris T (Tracts 1/3)11841730
  Reagan, Doris T Property (Amendment)1202894
  Redding Hills Subdivision896369
  Redding Place1063472
  Redding Woods13051040
  Regency Square12491963
  Regency Square (Additional Lands)14381179
  Rich, John E Jr et al1070720
  Rich, Sewell, & Watkins1070720
  Ridge Manor Estates102612
  Ridgecreek Subdivision1289600
  Ridgecreek Subdivision (Waiver Lot 41)14051257
  Ridgecreek Subdivision Phase 213071958
  Ridgeway Acres63923
  River Bluff Estates Map 11427752
  River Run Subdivision1084772
  Rivermead Condominiums1246250
  Rivers Bend Subdivision (Waiver)13851287
  Riverside Acres Subdivision Map 11054658
  Robert E Luck Subdivision14421492
  Roberts, W Vance Jr Subdivision1360491
  Roberts, Walter Lee1360491
  Robins Nest Subdivision1095284
  Robins Nest Subdivision Sec 21115658
  Rogers, H T & wife Joan et al1064162
  Rogers, H T Property1066194
  Rollin Hills Subdivision11681565
  Rolling Acres1051941
  Rolling Meadows1206597
  Romela Estates903525
  Ross, Arthur Jr290610
  Routh, J F & Emma P, et al13561832
  Routh, J F & Emma P, et al1392618
  Routh, T E & Cornie Heirs1316442
  Roxanna Hills Subdivision749157
  Roxanna Hills Subdivision771541
  Roxanna Hills Subdivision #2 Sec 11108370
  Roxanna Hills Subdivision #2 Sec 21108369
  Rushing Creek Subdivision1050815
  Rushing Creek Subdivision Number 21052740
  Rushing Creek Subdivision Number 31052655
  Salem Acres13831415
  Salem Acres13851813
  Salem Acres Map 3 (Withdrawal for Lot 14)13881650
  Salem Heights Subdivision1289143
  Salem Woods 919449
  Salem Woods Subdivision Map 21055942
  Sandwood Acres Subdivision1087961
  Savannah Hills1062587
  Scenic Acres # 1 & 2785549
  Scenic Oaks Mobile Home Park12122010
  Second Creek Tracts Sec 21278496
  Seed Acres Subdivision Sec A1023387
  Seed Acres Subdivision Sec B1049539
  Sewell, Cecil et al1070720
  Shadydale Acres Subdivision887241
  Sharron Forest Subdivision809641
  Shaw, George F & Sherrill W Property1103819
  Sheffield Acres613491
  Sheffield Acres999167
  Sheffield Acres Map 2638203
  Shenandoah Subdivision921295
  Shepherd View1361630
  Shepherds Vineyard Phase 112331467
  Shepherds Vineyard Phase 213111469
  Sherwood Forest Sec 1568231
  Sherwood Forest Sec 2 & 3590491
  Shiloh Acres1200216
  Shops at Pointe South1440431
  Smith, C Reitzel & Gena L Harris1025279
  Smith, Ralph & I K Purvis Property662331
  Smoke Rise Subdivision1070207
  Sohomey Hills Subdivision (Lots 23-78)81863
  South Creek Sec 112171659
  South Creek Sec 1/312451800
  South Marlboro Country Estates1052399
  Southern Acres Map 11068186
  Southgate Estates1063348
  Southwest Industrial Park Phase 21302729
  Southwest Industrial Park Phase 2 (Waiver)13041643
  Specialty Shops on 421333904
  Specialty Shops II on 421333921
  Spencer Acres Sec 111931
  Spencer Acres Sec 21203933
  Spencer Lake Estates1337387
  Spring Village Subdivision832271
  Squirrel Creek Subdivision1380385
  Staley Heights 7559
  Steele Acres (Lot 4) (Waiver)12031649
  Steeple Gate Subdivision Phase 113371002
  Steeple Gate Subdivision (Waiver)14561673
  Steeplegate Subdivision Phase 1 (Amended)1344948
  Steeplegate Subdivision Phase 1 & 2 (Amended)1383910
  Steeplegate Subdivision Phase 21367576
  Steeplegate Subdivision Phase 2 (Waiver)14231758
  Steeplegate Subdivision Phase 3A14041630
  Steeplegate Phase 3A (Amended)1460109
  Steeplegate Phase 3B & Phase 5 (Amended)14601854
  Steeplegate Subdivision Phase 4A14221158
  Steeplegate Subdivision (Amend) Phase 4C1430808
  Sterling Ridge Subdivision14181137
  Sterling Ridge Subdivision Phase 11433816
  Stones Throw1112636
  Stoney Ridge Subdivision Sec 111632105
  Stoneybrook Subdivision1095171
  Stoneybrooke (Modification)1180859
  Stoneybrooke (Modification)12521291
  Stout Acres921453
  Sun Valley Acres77263
  Sunrise Acres Maps 1 & 21406990
  Sunset Hills Subdivision #335151
  Swiggett, Paul K Property698217
  T E & Cornie Lineberry Routh Heirs1316442
  T F Pugh Estate97245
  Tabernacle Acres Subdivision1115146
  Tallwood Acres Subdivision1074263
  Tallwood Acres Subdivision (Revoke)1106205
  Tallwood Subdivision11751107
  Tarletons Trail Subdivision1057470
  Thayer Drive Ext1053795
  Thayer Drive Ext (Amended)1053886
  Thayer Plantation (Sec 1/3)834113
  The Farm11961671
  The Farm Sec 212051814
  The Farm Sec 31366976
  Thomas, Randal & Christine Welborn1174314
  Timber Trails115731
  Timber Trails Sec 211621946
  Timberlane Subdivision Map 31113512
  Tony D McDowell Property1328861
  Toomes Woods Sec 1/514241746
  Toomes Woods Sec 5, Sec 6 Map 1 & Sec 6 Map 21449363
  Town & Country1053149
  Town Square 1132185
  Trails End Subdivision1185361
  Tricor Investment Corp13871864
  Trin-Dale Forest921497
  Trin-Dale Forest #296149
  Trinity West1086146
  Trinity Heights608160
  Trinity Park Subdivision1118529
  Trinity Park Subdivision (Modification)1132281
  Trotter, Larry R & Drue W1094931
  Twin Creek Subdivision1237150
  Ulah Forest Map 11421869
  Ulah Forest Map 214411350
  Ulah Forest Map 314411353
  Ulah Forest Map 414411356
  Ulah Forest Map 514411360
  Uwharrie Trace12262030
  Vernon & Kurney Poole Subdivision (Lots 51-58)702361
  Vernon & Kurney Poole Subdivision (Lots 59-64)723629
  Vernon & Kurney Poole Subdivision (Lots 65-66)730369
  Vernon & Kurney Poole Subdivision (Lots 67-77)901253
  Vernon & Kurney Poole Subdivision (Lots 78-83)906166
  Victorian Arms Apts1346601
  Village at Stone Creek Ltd1284508
  Vinland Acres Subdivision1067191
  Vulcan Woods Subdivision14411049
  W L Flinchum Heirs1250908
  W L Flinchum Heirs12552014
  W L Flinchum Heirs (Amended)12501553
  W Vance Roberts Jr Subdivision1360491
  Wagoner Road1111409
  Walker & Farlow Subdivision876289
  Walter Farlow Subdivision Sec 11089516
  Ward, John M Property903279
  Ward, John W Jr Property9611
  Warren Acres Subdivision1455785
  Watkins, E C Jr Property1049841
  Watkins, Ernest C Jr et al1070720
  Wedgewood East Subdivision127653
  Wedgewood Forest1062219
  Wedgewood Subdivision887305
  Welborn, Austin Subdivision11791315
  Welborn, Christine Jenkins & Randal Thomas1174314
  Westbriar Estates1064162
  Westbury Woods988131
  Westover Lane Subdivision122711
  Westover Lane Subdivision Sec 21246955
  Westover Lane Subdivision Sec 3/413011700
  Westridge Subdivision Sec A1095397
  Westridge Subdivision Sec B1107990
  Westview Subdivision11651631
  Westwood Estates875119
  Westwood Subdivision Sec 2 Map 2 (Waiver)1288173
  Westwood Village1153120
  Westwood Village (Amend)117860
  Whispering Pines832173
  White Estates Sec 1 Map 1 & 210559
  White Estates Sec 1 Map 1 & 2 (Amendment)1057242
  White Estates Sec 21061301
  White Horse Run Sec 21067389
  Whitley Mountain View Estate1048621
  Whitley Mountain View Estates (Amend)12211540
  Whynot Acres12501190
  Whynot Acres (Amendment)127458
  Williamscreek Townhouses1151402
  Williamscreek Townhouses Sec 212511044
  Willow Creek Subdivision14601043
  Windfield Estates Sec 11156122
  Windfield West1170250
  Winding Woods Development1088857
  Windmere Heights931213
  Windmere Heights Sec 1 (Waiver)999389
  Windsor Park Subdivision1065628
  Winningham Farms Map 2 Sec 21061907
  Winningham Forest Phase 11398414
  Winningham Forest Phase 2 (Amend)1411379
  Winston Jones Inc12041594
  Wood Acres Subdivision Sec 2, 3, 4, & 511861703
  Wood, John S Property1060565
  Woodbury Subdivision1154759
  Woodfield Acres Maps 1 & 312394
  Woodfield Acres Map 21247568
  Woodfield Acres Map 412491867
  Woodfield Acres Map 5 & 613611722
  Woodfield Acres Map 613461327
  Woodfield Acres Map 713611725
  Woodfield Acres Map 8137191
  Woodfield Acres Map 9137196
  Woodfield Acres Map 1013831392
  Woodfield Acres Map 10 (Amend)14371
  Woodland Acres Sec 112001763
  Woodland Acres Sec 212041089
  Woodland Acres Sec 212041852
  Woodland Acres Sec 3 Maps 1/21238771
  Woodlea Estates Subdivision91977
  Woodlind Hills1104760
  Woodlind Hills Sec 21123410
  Woodlind Hills Sec 213061352
  Woodlind Hills Sec 2 & 4 (Amend)11621833
  Woodlind Hills Sec 2 & 4 (Amend)13001713
  Woodlind Hills Sec 2 & 4 (Amend)13081248
  Woodlind Hills Sec 4 (Waiver)1176671
  Woodmere Park809643
  Woodmere Park1094931
  Woodmont Subdivision1053526
  Woodridge Estates12301894
  Woodridge Estates Sec 21292127
  Woodvery Estates1024326
  Woody Acres 1277893
  Yates Estates1088589
  Yates, Clemith C & wife Rebecca M107837
  Yates, F O Subdivision112676
  York & Voncannon Subdivision1353998
  York Subdivision1246379
  Younts Subdivision Sec 11370246
  Younts Subdivision Sec 21370252