The Randolph County Register of Deeds has indexed all documents according to the Minimum Standards for indexing Real Property instruments since January 01, 1994. The 2012 Minimum Standards for Indexing Real Property Instruments became effective July 01, 2012.

The indexing standards may be accessed online through the Land Records Management Program of the NC Secretary of State.

**Note: If you have located a Book/Page from GIS that ends with the letter 'E', for example Book 00007E Page 233, you will need to contact the Randolph County Clerk of Court at 336-328-3001.**

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(Recorded prior to 1986 - if recored after 1986 look in the current records search.)

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**NOTE: From 1986-1993, Human name searches for the names Charles, Robert, Thomas & William may be abbreviated to Chas, Robt, Thos, &Wm**

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